Constructivism in Tenerife!

I came across this interesting building in the architectural wasteland of South Tenerife. An old apartment block overlooking the beach in Los Cristianos, it has an early Soviet Union Constructivist flavour about it. Rather a clever concrete structure, there is a central column on each balcony supporting the accommodation unit above (deliberately emphasised by the glazed panel above the non-structural dividing wall). The cantilevered rooms at the ends were maybe a bit ambitious and a skinny steel structure props them up!


The interlocking circular rooms and balconies with the semi-circular plan create intricate three-dimensional elevations, particularly viewed from the sea.


That staircase is terrific with its alternating flights, exposed structure, and curvaceous plant-room on the top. No one I asked had a clue who designed it and when (1960s…?) and I can’t find anything on the web. Unlike the real Constructivist gems in Russia this building is well looked after, with a sympathetic paint scheme.



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