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Adriano Olivetti

  Adriano Olivetti in memoriam 11th April 1901 – 27th February 1960   A film about the greatest industrialist of them all: https://youtu.be/Ax_zKlnSxHE        

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Disappointing Designs – Alfa Romeo Giulia

If you’re an Alfa Romeo enthusiast you need to be very resilient to keep faith with the brand! From the boxy looking 1960s Giulias (the accident prone grey police cars in the Italian Job) to the Capybara look-alike Mito, they just … Continue reading

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Delightful Designs – Arteluce Bean Bag Light

Arteluce Model 600p light – Gino Sarfatti 1966 Designed in that ‘Golden Age’ of Italian design* nearly 50 years ago, it still looks startlingly modern today**. A brilliantly simple concept, taking advantage of the leather and metal-working skills of Northern Italy, the … Continue reading

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Alessi Makes Serious Coffee

Alessi Neapolitan Coffee Maker – La Tavola di Babele Another one of Alessi’s beautiful masterpieces of design and construction. It only makes a few small cups of delicious coffee and there are a lot of things to clean afterwards, but … Continue reading

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