Dismal Designs – Fiat Fiorino

Over the past few years Fiat has produced a string of boring or hideous van designs in equal measure. The Doblo was bad enough, but look at the truly grotesque front end of the new Fiorino. It looks like Popeye’s chin, completely out of proportion to the rest of the van. You can clearly see the join where the whole thing is grafted on to the body. The Fiorino was designed jointly with Peugeot Citroen and generally looks much the same as their two vans, but it is the Fiat’s body-coloured lump and gaping mouth which make it their ugly sibling. Why are small vans so uninspiring, even new electric ones where there are few design restrictions?


Thankfully none is quite so bad as the nasally challenged 1990s Daihatsu Midget which also resembles a cartoon character! It looks home-made but they race these in Japan……



Photo credit:”Daihatsu Midget II Cargo 001″ by Tennen-Gas –  Wikimedia Commons

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